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MRI’s Future Role in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate MRI’s ability to show what’s happening in the prostate is already transforming how prostate biopsies are done.  Will it change treatment for prostate cancer, as well? Radiologist Peter Choyke, M.D., believes it will.  He is Senior Investigator and Director of the National Cancer Institute’s Molecular Imaging Branch, and I recently interviewed him for the […]


MRI: No More “Hit-or-Miss” Biopsy!

Can MRI really make a difference in diagnosing prostate cancer?  Just ask Rob Gray.  It took nine years for his cancer to be diagnosed.  He felt like a human pincushion after going through numerous tests, exams, and five prostate biopsies – some of them saturation biopsies (each involving 20 or more needle samples!).  Doctors couldn’t […]

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Do You Need Prostate MRI?

Prostate MRI is on the upswing in cancer diagnosis.  Should it play a role in screening, too?   Many men with suspected prostate cancer are getting MRI, because the information it provides is so good:  MRI can show the size and location of tumors and guide a personalized, targeted biopsy aimed at suspicious areas – […]