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Your Gums and the Risk of Alzheimer’s

What does the health of your gums have to do with your brain? Apparently, more than anyone ever knew.  Having periodontal disease raises your risk of getting other serious health problems; one of them is Alzheimer’s disease. New studies may have pinpointed not only the cause of Alzheimer’s; they also may have identified a way to […]


Regular Guy, Exceptional Responder

I’ve said it before, because this is what some of the finest researchers in prostate cancer have told me:  The goal for aggressive prostate cancer is to find out which genes are involved and treat with gene-specific medicine — ideally, even preventing the need for androgen deprivation therapy (ADT).  We’re not there yet, but some […]


My Prostate Cancer Talk

I’ve had a lot of requests to print a talk I recently gave. Here it is. — Janet Recently, I took part in a large, two-day community cancer seminar in Prescott, Arizona, presented by Prescott United Methodist Church.   Many people have asked for copies of my talk, so here it is.  Readers of this blog […]


Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer, Part 2

Checkpoint Inhibitors Miracle Drugs for Some, But Not Yet All Checkpoint inhibitors have one mission: to unleash the immune system.  They wake up the sleeping T cells, and in some people with cancer, they have done this spectacularly well. But right now, they don’t help more than a fraction of patients. In other words, for […]


Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer, Part 1

You’ve got a lot of antibodies floating around in your blood – to every cold or virus you’ve ever had, plus all the antibodies your body has made after you got a shot to prevent the flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox, or tetanus, etc. If results of a clinical trial are as promising as scientists […]

Living in Prostate Limbo

Ask Rob Gray* to talk about how prostate cancer came into his life, and he has the best possible response: “I prefer to talk about how it came out of my life.” For nearly a decade, among other tests and procedures, Rob underwent 17 PSA tests, five PCA3 tests, and nine MRIs. He endured five […]