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Do You Need Prostate MRI?

Prostate MRI is on the upswing in cancer diagnosis.  Should it play a role in screening, too?   Many men with suspected prostate cancer are getting MRI, because the information it provides is so good:  MRI can show the size and location of tumors and guide a personalized, targeted biopsy aimed at suspicious areas – […]

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Killing Metastatic Prostate Cancer with PSMA-Targeting Radionuclides

There’s some bright hope on the horizon for men with metastatic prostate cancer:  it’s PSMA-targeting therapy. This is different from PSMA-targeted imaging, which shows where small bits of prostate cancer are hiding in the body.  But it uses the very same building blocks.  Think of molecular LEGOS:  Instead of attaching the tracer molecule that can “see” […]