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Envisioning What PSMA-Targeting Can Do

Imagine looking at a very young Ian McKellen, the knighted British actor, and thinking, “Half a century from now, if they ever film the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he could be the best Gandalf ever!” That kind of vision is rare – but scientist Neil Bander, M.D., has it.  Nearly three decades ago, Bander, […]


High-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer:  Changing the Rules

A full-on assault of high-risk prostate cancer with intensive neoadjuvant hormonal therapy before surgery marks a huge shift in medical thinking.  Instead of doing things in a well-ordered sequence, oncologists like UCSD’s Rana McKay are launching many weapons earlier than ever, when cancer is less prepared for battle, and they’re going for a cure. Why […]

Learn from Peter Frampton!

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Peter Frampton (yes, THAT Peter Frampton!) for Johns Hopkins Rheumatology’s LEAP Magazine, and two things really struck me:  One, he is really a nice, decent guy.  And two, what he has taught his doctors about muscle memory and retaining function through repeated practice and hard work has changed […]