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There is New Hope for Male Infertility

Think infertility and the picture that comes to mind is usually some poor woman hopped up on a regimen of hormones, getting one or more rounds of expensive in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and hoping desperately that it will take.  But sometimes, when a couple wants to have a baby and can’t, the problem is not with […]

Is Not Taking a Vacation Killing You?

I may not know you personally, but I know that, because you’re a man, chances are good that you do two things. One, you most likely respond to health issues with denial. I can relate to this – I do it, too. And two, when things get tough, you just put your head down and keep going. […]


Exercise and Alzheimer’s – Part 2

I’m going to talk about the brain via an organ I know a little bit better: the prostate. Bear with me. Scientists have long known that, at autopsy, many men are found to have prostate cancer that never spread, never caused a problem, and never needed to be treated. They died with it, not of […]

Can Exercise Reduce Your Alzheimer’s Risk? – Part 1

Part one of a two-part discussion of exercise and Alzheimer’s. I’m not one for guilt trips. Mainly, because guilt backfires. If you were my dad, or brother, uncle, grandfather, or son and I were to try to guilt you into doing something that you already know needs to happen, like exercise, you might make a few […]

Low Testosterone: What’s Causing It?

ED and Low T:  Don’t Just Treat the Symptoms! Part Two of my series with Urologist Kevin Billups, M.D. Low testosterone is a worrisome thing for many men.  It doesn’t help that many have seen advertisements for testosterone-boosting supplements promising to cure all — except what’s really causing the problem, notes Kevin Billups, M.D., formerly […]