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Close to Home.  Again.

Why do I write so much about prostate cancer?  Because I can’t get away from it.  And now prostate cancer, never very far away, has hit close to home.  Again. Before I tell you my story, please study this picture.  This is a picture of a miracle.  It’s not a pincushion.  It’s an MRI of […]


Does Shockwave Therapy Work for ED?

If you’re struggling with ED, you may be wondering whether the latest miracle cure is actually a miracle cure.  You’re right to wonder.  The world of treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) is complicated; add in emotional stuff like frustration and hope, and it can be even tougher to figure out what to do.  And here’s […]

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Block SRCs, Kill Prostate Cancer?

This is part of On the Horizon:  a series written with the sole purpose of sharing hope:  showing you some of the new treatments that are being developed to fight cancer that has defied everything else.  Because I write for the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s website, I get to interview scientists developing highly promising treatments that […]

Your Gums and the Risk of Alzheimer’s

What does the health of your gums have to do with your brain? Apparently, more than anyone ever knew.  Having periodontal disease raises your risk of getting other serious health problems; one of them is Alzheimer’s disease. New studies may have pinpointed not only the cause of Alzheimer’s; they also may have identified a way to […]