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Envisioning What PSMA-Targeting Can Do

Imagine looking at a very young Ian McKellen, the knighted British actor, and thinking, “Half a century from now, if they ever film the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he could be the best Gandalf ever!” That kind of vision is rare – but scientist Neil Bander, M.D., has it.  Nearly three decades ago, Bander, […]


High-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer:  Changing the Rules

A full-on assault of high-risk prostate cancer with intensive neoadjuvant hormonal therapy before surgery marks a huge shift in medical thinking.  Instead of doing things in a well-ordered sequence, oncologists like UCSD’s Rana McKay are launching many weapons earlier than ever, when cancer is less prepared for battle, and they’re going for a cure. Why […]

Learn from Peter Frampton!

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Peter Frampton (yes, THAT Peter Frampton!) for Johns Hopkins Rheumatology’s LEAP Magazine, and two things really struck me:  One, he is really a nice, decent guy.  And two, what he has taught his doctors about muscle memory and retaining function through repeated practice and hard work has changed […]


Long-Haul Lyme Disease

This is an update to a story I wrote five years ago, for Johns Hopkins Rheumatology’s LEAP Magazine, with two world experts on PTLD: post-treatment Lyme disease.  They have uncovered some promising clues as to why, for some people, Lyme disease doesn’t go away, and identified some new potential avenues of treatment. Some people get […]